The educational goals of this department refer to the school’s founding goals, the educational goals of the Smart Technology College, the AC2004+ norms, the characteristics of the students of this department, plus the opinions of the department advisory committee, graduate alumni, and industry professionals. After long-term repeated discussions and revisions at the departmental meeting to make. It aims to cultivate three categories of talents with humanistic and artistic characteristics and continuous improvement in technical capabilities. [Information Technology Application], [Internet System Development] and [Embedded System Development]. After graduating from this department, students will have professional capabilities such as information application, programming, database system construction and management, website planning, design and management, microprocessor system integration development, and embedded system integration development, as well as humanities Appreciation of art, as well as the ability to continuously improve and teamwork. Its main purpose is to cultivate talents for the development and application of computer information technology to meet the needs of regional industries and be appreciated and reused by various industries. Its mission will be to promote and support the development of industrial computerization, informatization, networking, and digital electronics.