The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering was founded in 2001. Concerning the educational goals of relevant departments at home and abroad, and the suggestions of experts and scholars, the educational goals of the department are set to cultivate cross-field information technology talents with information ethics and to meet the needs of regional industry development. The curriculum design focuses on training professionals in software system development technology, computer network applications, intelligent systems, and digital system integration.


The department is based on professional knowledge, combined with practical technology-oriented educational concepts, to cultivate information engineering and related information cross-field technical personnel. Also, according to the country to promote the classification of information software talents, in line with the needs of industrial technology and student ability attributes, plan core courses and content to meet actual employment needs. In the promotion of department-based curriculum planning, special attention is paid to the learning process and achievements of students, and the theory and practical application are closely integrated with teaching-related content to enhance the employment competitiveness of the graduates of the department.


The education goal of this department is to cultivate three types of talents: web and mobile device software development and design talents, AIoT development and design talents, and smart life technology cross-field talents. After graduating from this department, students will have professional capabilities such as information application, programming, database system construction and management, website planning, design and management, microprocessor system integration development, and embedded system integration development. Its main purpose is to cultivate talents for the development and application of computer information technology to meet the needs of regional industries and be appreciated and reused by various industries. Its mission will be to promote and support the development of industrial computerization, informatization, networking, and digital electronics.