The educational goal of the department is to bring technical skills into full play and to raise the competitive power of getting employment for graduates. The application of information techniques and the development of information systems are the focal points in our practical curriculum scheme. In the standard curriculum scheme of the department, we lay special emphasis on combining theory with practice. The connection between the design idea of the curriculum and the educational objectives is explained as follows:

1. Cultivate IT application talents

The graduates from the department will be able to apply basic scientific knowledge and information theory to information systems. By applying information techniques to all kinds of fields, it will help to improve the competitive power of all fields.

2. Cultivate information system development talents

“Integration of the internet” and “Integration of the embedded systems” and “Smart automation” curriculum modules, students have to choose one module to study after the first year in the department to assure the ability to get employment after graduation. Choosing the former module, students will be able to build and manage the database systems, and to plan, design, and manage a website; while choosing the second module, to integrate and develop the microprocessor systems and the embedded systems. ; while choosing the latter module, to smart automation systems.

3. Cultivate talents with professional ethics, team spirit and continuous improvement

With the integration of general knowledge courses and professional courses, students of the department will have the idea of combining human culture with science and technology, and be able to continually strive for perfection. Owing to the abundant practical courses, students will have the abilities of effective communication and team cooperation to follow the trend of globalization.